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Why Does Mario Have A Mustache?

Or did you think Mario just decided to stop shaving one day? [embed][/embed]


Pro Tips To Survive In A Free Falling Elevator

Some myths get busted, some useful advice was given. [embed][/embed]


Why Do Cats Love Trees So Much?

Cats are notorious for their grumpiness, but how come they always brighten up when a tree is near? [embed][/embed]


What If Millenials…

Everyone has an opinion about millenials these days, but what are they doing wrong exactly? [embed][/embed]


Car Gadgets Put To The Test

Lots of them on the market, handy or just pure garbage. Discover what's what in this car gadget compilation! [embed][/embed]


Film A Tree For One Year And You See The Most Amazing Wildlife

Just put your camera down and you can make an entire television show about nature's finest you'll see passing by everyday.


World’s Most Dangerous Rope

You can do a lot of things with a rope. Handy things, sad things, funny things even. Imagine what you


Why Do Glue Labels Warn Not To Sniff It?

Well, there is such a thing as being addicted to glue, but that's not all there is... [embed][/embed]


The Best Place To Live On Earth

Maybe you're somewhere where life is quite alright, or maybe you wish you'd been somewhere else. But this is the


You’ll Never Guess What Happens After Polishing This Rusty Knife

A little rust can cover up a lot of hidden treasures... Look how this dude goes on a treasure hunt,


These Alcohol Life Hacks Will Change Your Life

Alcohol is strange stuff -- it either boosts your party to slurring levels or it kills all bacteria you didn't


Melting A Padlock With A Hair Dryer

A hair dryer can reach unfathomable temperatures, but did you know you could melt a padlock with it? Looks pretty