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How Every Twenty One Pilots Song Is Written

The secret behind every song Twenty One Pilots ever wrote is now revealed, this is how where they base all…

30 Things You Didn’t Know About The Oceans

Our oceans are deep and intriguing, and they are full of secrets. These interesting facts also make for a killer conversation…

The History Of The Entire World

The history of the entire world in just one small video, forget History class-this is all you need. [embed][/embed]

These Are The Humans Of The Future

Curious how our species will look in over a thousand years? Bear with us and watch this funny, animated version…

What Happens With Your Brain On LSD And Acid?

It's quite the trip, using LSD or acid, but what exactly happens inside your head? Very interesting watch! [embed][/embed]

Just Some Grizzlies Minding Their Own Business

Grizzlies can be really freaking scary, but after this video all you want to do is hug them.

Why It Is Impossible To Tickle Yourself

The science is very clear--if you really want to be tickled, you're going to have to find someone else to…

The Mysterious Life Of Artist Bob Ross

You've probably heard of Bob Ross, but how well did you really know this artistic celebrity?

What Really Is The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Pizza?

Everyone loves pizza, but is there any justification for a very expensive one or is it basically the same as…

What Can We Really Make From All Those Fictional Languages?

We all know the movies or TV shows with the fictional languages like Avatar or Game of Thrones. They're subtitled,…

Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test

This dude is curious about everything his kitchen has to offer. How can you extract the most value out of…

These Five Animated Movies Look Different In Every Country

We all know and love Pixar and Disney productions, as they take great care in engaging the audience and showing…



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