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American Kids Try Tea From Around the World

Tea truly isn't everyone's taste, so I think it is a clever choice of Cut to let some kids taste…

100 Years of Beauty – 1980s Around the World

We probably all don't miss the hair style of the 80s. But they are very entertaining to look at, so…

Is the United States / European Union A Country?

RealLifeLore's collaboration with Wendover Productions got two videos trending right now regarding an obvious question: Why is the US considered…

American Kids Try Christmas Foods From Around The World

After 100 years of Thanksgiving Dishes and Christmas Desserts this time Cut lets some kids taste test christmas food. But…

An Interesting Fact For Every Country In The World (Part 2)

Last week I showed you the first episode of this two part-series by Wendover Productions, now you get to see…

An Interesting Fact For Every Country In The World (Part 1)

Wendover Productions presents this very interesting and entertaining video with lots of random facts and more or less useless knowledge…


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