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Exotic Bird

Never seen a bird like this before.

Welcome to the internet i’ll be your guide

Internet Forum Moderator

No Internet vs Slow Internet

On the internet nobody knows you’re made out of cups

If My Body Could Talk

On the one hand this video is as weird as it gets, but it also puts a quirky little smile…

Is This The Internet?

Uhm, o-kay... This video by Poppy, from Youtube, The Internet, got viral with a quarter million views within two days.…

This Is What People Searched For In 2016 On The Internet

Google just published their "Year In Search 2016" retrospect. In this two minute video we not only get to see,…

Ryan Higa Ends All Challenges With This Epic Mashup

"The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!" is the title of YouTuber nigahiga new video that went viral within the last days,…

Adam Ruins Everything: Why Facebook Isn’t Free

This time Adam Conover ruins something, nearly everybody uses: Facebook. With it's media criticism truTV already got over 300.000 views…

The 10 Creepiest Websites On The Internet!

Last year YouTuber Matthew Santoro did over 6 million views with his video "The 10 Creepiest Websites On The Internet!"…

Omegle Funny Improv Pranks 2016

Do you remember "Chat Roulette"? Yeah, the hype is gone (by far), but some people seem to still use it…


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