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Sandwich Bag Fire Starter

Want to see an unusual way to start a fire? No, it's not one of those boring tricks you've seen


Assault Trombone

This video of an "Assault Trombone" by CAPTAINQUINN from October 2015 got viral within the last days and catapulted itself


This Machine Sorts Candy By Color

Willem Pennings 3D printed this machine that can sort m&m's and Skittles and divide them into six bowls. "It's pretty


videogamedunkey Destroys A Gaming Toothbrush

A toothbrush you are able to play games with? Sounds kind of stupid. Stupid enough for sarcastic YouTuber videogamedunkey to


Insane Homemade Water Slip And Slide Circle

Storyful uploaded this crazy invention of an automatic slip and slide that throws the rider around and around and around


Printing A GIF Into A Flip-Book

Of course it is not really a new thing to print out single frames of a moving image (GIF) to


Goldfish Is Steering His Own Aquarium

This is so cool! Alex Kent uploaded this invention by students from the Carnegie Mellon University, helping a goldfish getting


This Shotgun Guitar Sounds Awesome

This self-built shotgun guitar by Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band sounds pretty amazing. And looks very cool, too. No wonder


Amazon Builds Supermarkets Without Checkouts

I always find it to be somehow curios when online companys tend to do offline business. With "Amazon Go" the


3 Simple & Fun Life Hacks

YouTuber Mr Gear shows some not really simple but really fun "life hacks" (that are more playful inventions than real


Dog Is Making Thanksgiving Dinner

A new one of Joseph's Machines presents the "Fool-Proof Roast Turkey", that even a dog can cook. Or at least


Omni-directional Conveyor Belts Are Awesome

Who would have thought that industry tech could be such a joy?! Intralox invented these omni-directional belts that are super