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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Crazy Marble Machines Show Cased

Mad marble machine scientist, denha, shows off all of their marble machines since 2009. That's a lot of late nights.…

Tesla Lightning Controlled By Kinect

Just call this contraption the evil genius simulator.  A computer tracks your movements using a Microsoft Kinect and feeds the…

Crazy Russian Two Wheeled Vehicle Can’t Get Over Bump

As they say, only in Russia. The driver tries and tries to get his weird, Dr. Seuss like vehicle over…

1950’s Fifth Parking Wheel Concept Invention

Parallel parking must not have been invented yet in the 50s. One genius inventor thought up the fifth wheel for…

Jacket With Sleeping Bag And Tent Built In – The JakPak

The JakPak looks likes any other spring jacket, but it's really much more. Michelle shows us how her jacket turns…

Shaving Helmet Shaves Your Head For You

A genius invention for all bald men. Here's a helmet that you simply put on and it shaves your head…

Typing With XBox Controller On A Console

Trying to type on a console controller is probably the most annoying part of console gaming. Without a keyboard, typing…


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