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Iventor Builds Giant Homemade 360 Swing In His Backyard

This kind of ride is one that you only find at the big state fairs that are enjoyed all summer long.


Guy Builds Homemade Hydro-Electric Generator To Power Smart Phone

Is there anything worse that being lost in the woods? How about being lost in the woods with a dead


Genius Parks His Compact Car Under Stairs

America is known for big spaces. But that's not the case in many other places. This man lives in an


World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage

It's hard to find anyone who actually enjoys going to the airport. The crowds, the lines, the security, it's a


Mechanic Invents Rube Goldberg Style Breakfast Making Machine

They say in only a few years we will have robots in our kitchens that can help us cook. But


Inventor Creates New Tires That Can Roll Back And Forth But Also Sideways

Since the dawn of the wheel, the simple circle has followed the same forumla. William Liddiard wanted to put a literal spin


Ultimate Door Bell Invention

Door bells have been around for years. And they haven't changed for about that long. After missing one too many


Guy Creates New Realistic Puppet Design

Marionettes and puppets have followed the same design for years. But finally, someone has created a new design. Barnabydixon has just debuted this new


Flamethrower Guitar

No rock show is complete without pyrotechnics on stage. The music, the exploding fire, the moshing, it's pure rock and


Nerd Invents His Own Touchscreen Mirror

Today, kids are growing up with touchscreen mobile devices as common, everyday devices. But what's next? Many science fiction movies


British Inventor Creates Homemade Hoverbike

OK, so we're passed 2015 and we still don't have a true hoverboard, but at least we're getting closer. Crazy British


Man Builds 3D Printer To ‘Print’ An Epic Castle In His Backyard

Andrey Rudenko wanted to build a fort in his backyard, but was dissatisfied with the options he found at stores and