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Man Tells Truth About Iowa In Response To Media Coverage Painting The State As Red Neck

If you've never been to Iowa and only get your information from the mainstream news, you might think that Iowa…

Sarah Palin: Polls Are For Strippers

During a speech in Iowa, Sarah Palin brought up how wealthy politicians were enjoying life in the suburbs of Washington.…

Fried Stick Of Butter At Iowa State Fair

County and state fairs are famous for their music, animals, rides, and games. But one of the biggest attractions to…

Mitt Romney To Hecklers: Corporations Are People

Mitt Romney went viral today after telling some hecklers that corporations are people too when discussing taxes at the Iowa…

Iowa Grandma Pro Gay Marriage Speech

This 80 year old grandmother has lived in Iowa her whole life andĀ speaks out in favor of the LGBT community.…



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