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Dolphin Snatches iPad Out Of Woman’s Hands

Thanks to clever marketing, people are somehow motivated to walk around with their tablets. A large smartphone is one thing,


iPad Magician Performs On Ellen

In today's modern world, even magicians are leveraging technology for their acts. Ellen DeGeneres found an amazing magician from Germany who


iPad Drummer Will Impress You

This music video by Japanese musician Appleman was published almost two years ago, but it has been trending now more than


Jimmy Fallon And Robert Plant Sing ‘Duke Of Earl’ Doo-Wop Using iPad Looper

While hosting Led Zeppelin lead vocalist Robert Plant on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked him if he would like to sing together


Morgan Freeman Finger Painting On iPad Looks More Like A Photograph

This iPad finger painting video by Kyle Lambert has instantly gone viral with over 1.4 million hits in one day.  And for


Steve Jobs Admits All His Work Will Soon Be Obsolete Circa 1994

The Silicon Valley Historical Association has shared this enlightening look into the past with Every Steve Jobs Video, who has just


Walmart Employees Throwing iPads

Walmart already has a negative stigma attached to the world famous brand, so a video like this around the holiday


Surface VS iPad Commercial Parody

Cinesaurus and Laugh Pong teamed up to post this humorous spoof of a cliche Apple iPad commercial that already has over 700,000 views. 


iPad Mini Commercial Jimmy Kimmel Parody

The new Apple iPad mini has been the whipping boy of so serious mocking as consumers are just getting sick


Banned iPad mini Promo

Apple is known for rehashing the same concept over and over into slightly different designs, all for more sales. The


Rapping Steve Jobs Introduces iPad Mini

Mondo Media brought back their rapping Steve Jobs character that was such a viral success in their Jobs iPhone 5 rap animation.


Abe & Tell – 500 Girls Holding An iPad Stop Motion Music Video

Indy rock band Abe & Tell published this music video for This Man's Brighter Day back in May, but it only went