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News Anchor Pranks Co-Anchor To Lick iPad

In honor of April Fools, the male news anchor made an entire faux story about how smart phones can now…

Cute Clay iPad Stop Motion Video

sevsve┬ámade this cute stop motion video at the British Higher School of Art and Design art school in Moscow. She…

Baby Uses iPad

This video is from 2010 and was barely seen until recently. Now it has gone completely viral. People love babies,…

Need – Music Video Made Entirely On iPad 2

Within twenty hours of the release of the iPad 2, Eddy released the music video for the song Need. It…

iPad 2 Promo Spoof

The new iPad 2 is revolutionary. It's like the iPad, but with cameras. Ye, I know everyone wanted cameras on…

iPad Magnet Cover Commercial

It seems obvious now that I watch the commercial. A thin smart sheet covers the iPad's screen by easily snapping…

Apple Airplay Connects Handheld To TV

Airplay connects your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch to Apple TV and speakers. Now you can watch your movies and…

BlackBerry PlayBook VS iPad Speed Test

The new BlackBerry PlayBook maybe an iPad killer. It loads web pages faster and has flash support. iPad does not…

Twitter Beat It Spoof – Tweet It iPad VS iPhone

A funny parody of Twitter to the tune of Michael Jackson's Beat It.

iPad Illusion Animation

5 static images on an iPad are brought to life by passing a transparent sheet with black lines over the…

Husky Dog Sings With iPad

The famous dog, Mishka, sings with the help of an auto tuning app on an iPad.

Man Hits Fly With iPad – Newsday App Commercial

iPads are great to read the news just like a news paper. you may get so used to the iPad…



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