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People On The Street React To ‘New’ iPhone 5 Which Is Secretly The Old 4S

There's no question our brains are much more affected by large scale marketing than we could ever realize. To show…

Apple John Malkovich iPhone 4S Siri Commercial

After how successful celebrity sweetheart Zooey Deschanel was in her Apple Siri commercial, the makers of the iPhone have convinced…

Zooey Deschanel iPhone 4S Commercial

The Internet has a very special kindergarten-crush on actress Zooey Deschanel, and Apple knows this. That is why they teamed…

How Blind People Use The iPhone

Smart phones have revolutionized the world, but what about the seeing impaired? Can they take advantage of this great technology?…

iPhone 4S Siri Commercial Parody Moderates Couple’s Arguement

Siri is the great new technology for the iPhone 4S that allows you to simply ask for anything, and let…

Drop Test: iPhone 4s VS Samsung Galaxy SII

The iPhone 4S is in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy S II. What's the deal with 'S' anyways? To…


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