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Introducing The Iphone 5c And 5s Parody Commercial

Apple has finally learned that they barely have to add any innovation or investment into their products anymore, as their


10,000 iPhones Domino Set Commercial

The iPhone has obviously lost a little of its original luster. The once seemingly magical device is now as ubiquitous as the


The Dark Knight Uses Apple Maps Parody

Just when you thought Batman and Apple parodies were getting boring and old, movie channel Movie Clips TRAILERS has published this spoof


Apple ‘Employee’ Drops Cases Of New iPhone 5’s In Front Of Waiting Lines Prank

As soon as the iPhone 5 was released last week, comedians quickly got to work to capitalize on the event. 


iPhone 5 Parody Ad: A Taller Change

Not wanting to miss out on such a famous event, many comedians and nerds quickly got to work making iPhone 5


iPhone 5 Super Glued To The Ground Prank

If you've turned on a TV, radio, or Internet connection in the past week, you've no doubt had Apple iPhone


The Next Big Thing is Already Here Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial Mocks iPhone 5

With all the anti-climactic hype with the last iPhone 4S, it's a real surprise Apple fans don't revolt with the


Banned iPhone 5 Promo

Now that the new iPhone is here, consumers can finally throw out their old out-dated 4S phones for brand new


People On The Street React To ‘New’ iPhone 5 Which Is Secretly The Old 4S

There's no question our brains are much more affected by large scale marketing than we could ever realize. To show


Musical iPhone 5 Commercial

The musical hipsters at AVbyte knew that they had to do something special in honor of the newly announced Apple iPhone 5


Rapping Steve Jobs Hologram Introduces The New iPhone 5

Talk over the new iPhone 5 has Apple fans dancing with excitement and even some analysts saying the new smart phone could


People Only Use iPhones To Takes Photos Of Their Food Commercial Spoofs Apple

Adam Sacks has again published another viral hit after his last Hunger Games Coca-Cola Commercial Parody. 'LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo