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Sinking An iPhone In Molten Aluminum

TheBackyardScientist and GizmoSlip combined their creative power and scientific knowledge (and inner childs...) to make a really expensive mess. Putting


10 Secret iPhone Hacks In iOS 10

Another one of these "did you know what you can actually do?" videos by EverythingApplePro is going viral right now


iPhone 7 vs World’s Strongest Acid

So yeah, it does obviously happen a lot, that smartphones fall into strong acids, so TechRax shows you, what you


Hedgehog Paw Unlocks iPhone

Is this really the "safest fingerprint in the world"? I mean, hedgehogs are super easy to abduct. Just saying... But

Can a Pumpkin Protect an iPhone 7 from 100ft Drop Test?

So if you happen to not have asked yourself this question before - GizmoSlip answeres it for you! And gathers

iFhone 8 Commercial Leaked!

So yeah, of course this is a parody that's mainly silly, but four cameras!!! "See it here first, the iFhone

Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

Apple did remove the headphone jack on their new iPhone 7 so everyone has to buy expensive bluetooth headphones. TechRax


iPhone 7 gets smashed with hydraulic press

Apple announced a new way for you to get rid of a few hundred bucks and every time there is


Parrot Activates Siri On iPhone

Birds are arguably the only creatures in the animal kingdom who can speak like us. Sure, it's hard to argue that


Dropping An iPhone 6S From 100 Feet In A Lego Phone Case

Smartphone cases have become a must have accessory if you want to keep your investment safe from scratching or breaking. Techy TechRax got to


iPhone SE Spoof Commercial

Just when you thought tech company Apple had run out of ideas and was only going to keep making the


Apple’s New Robot Takes Apart And Recycles iPhones

Apple is most famous for the iPhone. Back in the day, you would keep your computer and phone for years. Not