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Cookie Monster Uses iPhone 6 While Making Cookies

The new iPhone 6s is more convenient than ever. Now, to use Siri, you don't even need to press a


Swinging iPhone Around While Skiing Has Stunning Video Results

By now, most people have seen the best than an iPhone can do in the video recording department. We've all


Genius Made A Job Out Of Standing In line

These days, there's an app for nearly everything. With a tap, you can get someone to do nearly anything you


Ants Mysterious Circle Ringing iPhone

This strange short clip demonstrates the invisible power of our smartphones. In the video, a large group of tiny ants


Asking Siri “What Is 0 Divided by 0” Has Hilarious Results

Apple's digital secretary Siri has been around for quite some time now. But this new 'Easter egg' has only been


Price Is Right Players Have No Idea What An iPhone 6 Cost

The Internet is peppered with clips from The Price Is Right showcasing players who seemingly have never gone shopping in their lives.


Man Surprises Parents By Paying Off Their Mortgage For Christmas

Programmer Joeyt Riquelme is the creator of the popular video editing iPhone app VideoShop. Now that he is 'living the life' he


Donut Selfie

The selfie has become such a global phenomenon that the word was even crowned as the Oxford Dictionary's Word of


iPhone 6 Plus Easily Bends In Bend Test

Unsurprisingly, the brand new iPhone 6 has been the best selling iPhone yet. But there is also some bad news.


Knock Knock Music Video Made On 14 Screens

This unique music video by the Brunettes Shoot Blondes for their song Knock Knock has instantly gone viral with over one million views! The music


Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines In New York?

It used to be every time Apple introduced a new product die hard fans would camp outside of their local Apple store


First iPhone 6 Buyer Drops It On Live News Report

It seems every time a new iPhone comes out the media goes over the same script. Excitement, hype, and finally