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100 Years Of Iranian Beauty

When you've got a good thing on the Internet, why stop? After two viral videos already showing a century's worth


Fastest guitarist In The World

Vahid Iranshahi is the self-proclaimed fastest guitarist in the world. And we're no contesting his assertion.  In this video from the


Iranian Oil Platform Sinks In Arabian Gulf

Reportedly, this video by roseegg1 shows a giant Iranian gas platforms sinking in the Arabian Gulf. No further explanation is given as the platform covered


Israelis To Iran: We Love You

After the Israeli father who made the Facebook campaign of peace and love towards Iranians went viral, other Israelis have


Israeli Viral Facebook Campaign To Iran: We Will Never Bomb Your Country

Recently, there has a lot of talk of war between Israel, Iran, and subsequently, the United States. The tensions between


Thirteen Year Old Iranian Girl Sings Someone Like You by Adele

Tara wowed her friends, and now the Internet, with her amazing performance of Someone Like You by Adele. Now the


Iranian Women Ninjas

Iranian state TV has released this news  clip covering Iranian women ninjas. According to the state, there are 3,500 women


Iranian 727 Makes Near Perfect Landing With Broken Front Landing Gear

One of the worst and most dangerous things that can happen on an airline flight is if the landing gear


Iranian Female Police Training Video

This older clip has been circulated online for years. It recently has been shared on sites like Guyism and Buzzfeed. Women in


Iranian Persian Version Of Richard Simmons – Mohamad Khordadian

I'm surprised Iran has executed this guy just on suspicion of being gay. He dances around and has the same