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Country Star Billy Gilman Comes Out In YouTube Video

American country music star Billy Gilman is trending online after the fact that he's gay hit the Web. Billy was


Once Popular Kids Explain It Doesn’t Get Better

Whether you enjoy it or hate it, it seems high school will go on forever.  But eventually, school will end


It Gets Better Parody For Single People

The It Gets Better campaign has helped, motivated, and inspired countless young people that their rough life in high school


Troye Sivan Comes Out Video

Australian actor Troye Sivan is most famous for playing a Young James Howlett in the X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he


Customer Service Gets Worse

Even non-regular online viewers have seen at least one It Gets Better video that have been circling the web ever


YouTube Celebrates LGBT Pride #ProudToLove Compilation

The past two days have been extremely exciting for the LGBT community with DOMA and Prop 8 both falling. YouTube is


Austin Texas Police Department Makes It Gets Better Video

Two years ago, the It Gets Better campaign was kicked off by Dan Savage, and was followed by companies, leaders,


San Francisco Police Department: It Gets Better

More and more people and groups, famous and not, are coming out in support of the LGBT community, and really


Girl With Rare Body Disorder Lizzie Velasquez Makes It Gets Better Video

Lizzie Velasquez is literally a unique girl. Besides for her up beat, positive attitude that differentiates her from the masses,


Disney Makes Official It Gets Better Video

The It Gets Better project exploded last year with people and organizations creating positive videos to uplift bully victims. The


New Jersey Politicians – It Gets Better

Everyday it seems there's another horror story of a kid committing suicide because their peers torment and bully them so much. They


Gay Teen Who Posted ‘It Gets Better’ Video Commits Suicide

Jamey Rodemeyer was only fourteen years old, but years of gay bullying finally pushed him over the edge. Last Sunday,