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San Fran Giants Tell LGBT Teens It Gets Better

The It Gets Better campaign has been spreading for months. Now, the San Francisco Giants announce their open support of…

Google Chrome It Gets Better

Google Chrome celebrates the It Gets Better web campaign. It all started with Dan Savage's video telling LGBT kids that…

It Gets Better Music Video

Rebecca Drysdalemakes a music video based on the It Gets Better Project. Forget the haters. It gets better. The music is…

Pixar – It Gets Better

Most of the animators and scientist at Pixar are super nerds and didn't really have a great time in school.…

LA Gay Choir – True Colors, It Gets Better

The Gay Men's Choir Of Los Angeles and their supporters meet at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles to sing…

Hilary Clinton Message To LGBT: It Gets Better

There have been countless celebrities with It Gets Better Messages. Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton gives a message to young…

Google Is Gay – It Gets Better

Google is a modern company paving the way of the future. They accept LGBT with open arms, and made a…

Joel Burns Fort Worth Texas City Councilman Speech Tells LGBT Kids – It Gets Better

I can't believe it, a politician with actual balls. Joel Burns is a true hero! I have never respected a…

Wendy Williams – Stop Bullying

Wendy Williams sends an anti-bullying message on her television show.

Kesha’s It Gets Better Message

Kesha like so many other stars are speaking out against LGBT bullying and telling young kids IT GETS BETTER.

Chris Colfer GLEE Star It Gets Better Message

Chris Colfer gives his personal message telling young people It Gets Better.

Dance Cook – It Gets Better Anti-Bullying Message

Dane Cook breaks his Internet silence, and gives his thoughts on the bullying epidemic in this country.


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