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Smart Dog Plays Fetch With Himself Using Stairs

This clever Jack Russell Terrier named Sid Russell loves to play fetch, but has no human to play with. But that's


World’s Smallest Dog

Barcroft Media claims little Massey as the world's smallest dog. And most would agree as the 'tiny terrier' is only 7 cm


Jack Russel Terrier Performs Useful Dog Tricks Part 3

Remember Jesse, the adorably talented Jack Russel Terrier with the viral useful dog tricks series? Well, the pup is back,


Dog Plays Fetch With Himself Using Stairs

Sid Russell the Jack Russell doesn't need a person to play fetch with. He's taught himself to drop a ball


Dog Climbs Small Tree To Fetch Stick

Stubs loves to play fetch with anyone who is willing. The cute Jack Russel will even pull 'a monkey,' and


Jack Russel Terrier Does Very Useful Tricks

Jesse, the cute little Jack Russel Terrier, first went viral back in September for his amazing useful dog tricks. He


Dog Does Aerobics

Jesse the Jack Russel Terrier loves to exercise. He's very motivated. Every morning he wakes up to his alarm and


Useful Dog Tricks – Dog Turns On Lights, Close Door, Throws Out Trash

Now this is what good dog training can do. This cute Jack Russel Terrier does more than just pick up