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Amazing Jamaican Woman Has 32 Kids

Annmarie Richards is an extraordinary Jamaican woman. She grew up in a broken home, in a struggling community. But instead…

Jamaican Brushy One String Performs ‘Chicken In The Corn’ On One String Guitar

Jamaican musician Brushy One String is truly a one of a kind artist. As his name implies, he plays a guitar that…

Jamaican Girl Gives Confusing Directions

This video from last month already had over 100,00 views, and has recently resurfaced on TastefullyOffensive and Arbroath. More and…

White Jamaican Dad

Small time YouTuber TypiKelly has a very unique dad that has helped her go viral for the first time. As she puts…

Cow Running Loose In Queens

It's really hard to shock New Yorkers. They've seen it all, and what they haven't seen yet won't surprise them.…



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