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21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019



Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career W/ James Corden

A whole movie career in 10 minutes. GO! "Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary


Kendall Jenner, Andrew Garfield & More Show Their Hidden Talents

An amusing show segment from a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. I think we all


James Corden Battles Adam Lambert To Be The Frontman Of Queen

Of course no one will ever be able to really replace (or even "replace") the stunning voice and mind of


Kate Hudson & James Corden Dance After The Movements Of Toddlers

This new segment of "Toddlerography" from The Late Late Show with James Corden features Kate Hudson, but the true heroes


Kanye West Soap Opera w/ Bryan Cranston & Jessica Biel

Finally a soap opera I'd watch! The Late Late Show with James Corden invited guest stars Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel


James Corden Does A Broadway Riff-Off w/ Neil Patrick Harris

You just HAVE to love Neil Patrick Harris! Everything he is involved in gets entertaining. Like this 10-minute-piece at The


Jamie Foxx And James Corden Sing Famous Public Domain Songs

Normally record artists and producers hold the rights to famous music and want to see money when you play or


‘All I Want for Christmas’ Carpool Karaoke

Okay, this is a neat surprise by The Late Late Show with James Corden. Over the whole year the late


Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke

23 minutes ago The Late Late Show with James Corden uploaded this video featuring record artist Bruno Mars driving around


Madonna Carpool Karaoke

Uploaded 28 minutes ago you can be sure to watch this video fly viral within the next hours. The Late


Jessica Alba, Kate Mara & Ken Jeong Are Dared Not To Flinch

Jessica Alba - do I need to say more? I don't think so. But if we are not on one


Battle Freestyle Rap: James Corden vs. Usain Bolt

Wow! This got a lot better than I expected. Over 1.6 million people saw this epic rap battle in the



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