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12 Things Not To Do In Japan

Japan is a very rich and traditional country, and culture. I'm sure you're aware of this when you're visiting, but


Why Does Mario Have A Mustache?

Or did you think Mario just decided to stop shaving one day? [embed][/embed]


Experimenting With Fun Japanese Gadgets

The craziest stuff in life is from Japan, everybody knows that. So naturally, there's a lot of fun to be


How A Melancholy Egg Yolk Conquered Japan

Japan is known for their weird shit, so it's no surprise they love this egg yolk cartoon.


Ping Pong – Boring Meets Trick Shots

WhatsappFunny uploaded this entertaining clip named "Boring - Ping Pong" last year. And even though I can't really explain it


Japanes Man Solves Impossible Puzzle After A Decade Trying

funny Japan translated another highlight of foreign tv history with this bit about an elderly man from Japan who has


5 Japanese Words We Need In English

I can't speak Japanese and probably won't ever, but these explainations by Rachel & Jun are very interesting nonetheless. "These


Could You Get A 78mm Gold Bar Through A 85mm Hole?

In Japan you can try to get a gold bar out of a glass case. But you only have a


U.S. Embassy Does The Koi Dance As A Christmas Greeting

When politicians get the groove on - love it! The people from the U.S. Embassy Tokyo (and other cities) united


Wellness + Rollercoaster = Spamusement Park

What seems to be a beautifully thought and made up hoax is a well done hoax, but the "Beppu City


Giant Sinkhole Gets Repaired In Two Minutes

Of course these Japanese street workers needed a little longer than two minutes, but for this really gigantic sinkhole in


Japanese Man Takes Pet Tortoise For Walk

Taking a dog for a walk is part of the dog experience. Sometimes, weird cat people will take their cat