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Nerd Makes Robot Out Of Beer Can

The cameraman says to look at all the toys and items on the desk. Which one is a robot? Shockingly,


New Robot Debones Chicken

Using new technology, this new robot can debone chicken breasts faster and more precisely than any human can. The machine


Amazingly Tiny Miniature Toy Collection

RRcherrypie shows us a deliciously tiny meal, all 'cooked' by her extremely small miniature kitchen toy set. It's insane how


Cat Interrupts Japanese Baseball Game

During a fun game a of baseball, a cat appeared on the field. The players try to chase it away,


Quinton Rampage Jackson Tells Japanese Fans To Repeat His English Insults

I never heard of Rampage Jackson before, and I wish I never had now. He's an MMA fighter and he's


100 Kids Play Professional Japanese Soccer Team

Even if you're amazing at soccer, it's difficult to get the ball down the field when there are literally one


Strange Japanese Trash Bag Portable Toilet

The Japanese have always been famous for strange and bizarre inventions. This new portable 'toilet' definitely belongs on the top ten list.


Japanese Girl Hacks Furby

I didn't know Furby still existed, but apparently, they are still big in Japan. Julie Watai is a cute Japanese nerd


Strange Japanese Kissing Machine

There's a lot going on in a kiss, but Japanese researchers are trying to crack the code. They created a


Japanese Girl Katana Sword Wielding

This video from last September just went viral on the blog-osphere. There's just something about the contrast of her seriousness


Japanese Cartoon Explaining Nuclear Meltdown After Tsunami

Apparently, Nuclear Boy has a tummy ache and has to go to the bathroom. He's famous for stinky poo. Wow,