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Tonight Show Family Feud with Steve Harvey and Jason Segel

Jimmy Fallon has taken his obsession with playing games on The Tonight Show to the next level. Instead of playing a…

Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Sing “Confrontation” From Les Miserables

How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel were asked by an acting student on Inside the Actors Studio…

Girl Sings Ode To Jason Segel

Like many people, Chelsea Gill has a crush on How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel. Who doesn't love the tall…

Jason Segel, John Krasinski Sing With A Little Help From My Friends Karaoke

Jason Segel and John Krasinski let loose in Ann Arber, Michigan, and sang a little karaoke. They were captured on…

New Muppets Movie – Green With Envy

Amy Adams always plays the classic, cute, vulnerable sweet heart. She is joined by Jason Segel in typical family film. The…


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