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Kevin Hart Tells The Story When He Spilled Juice On Jay Z

While visiting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, comedian Kevin Hart told Jimmy and his audience the hilarious story when he


New JAY-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Behind The Scenes

Corporate collaboration continues in the pop music world. Superstar Jay-Z is the most recent big name to team up with


Suit & Tie Music Video

After waiting for too long, Justin Timberlake's devoted fans have finally received a new track from the world famous actor/songwriter/singer.


Bacon Pancakes Song From Adventure Time Mashed Up With Alicia Keys New York

Adventure Time is a popular, relatively new cartoon on the Cartoon Network. Jake the dog is obviously a favorite character,


Fresh Prince In Paris – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air N’s In Paris Mash Up

YouTube musician NosideMuzik took classic Fresh Prince Of Bel Air video and properly synced it up to Jay-Z and Kanye's latest hit, Niggas


Steve Jobs Tribute Rap Song – What More Can I Say Parody

There's no question, Steven Jobs is one of the world's most famous, and influential CEOs. Jobs played a huge roll in many


Jay-Z Unimpressed By Chris Brown VMA Performance

Most of the world has quickly forgotten the once huge 'Chris Brown beating up Rihanna' controversy. While performing at the MTV


Jay Pharoah Black Celebrity Impersonations

Jay Pharoah has some seriously great impersonation skills. Not only can he do the voice of the person he's imitating,


Watch Jay-Z Hear Dirt Off Your Shoulder Beat For The First Time

This video from the early 2000's has resurfaced online. It is supposedly the first time Jay-Z ever hears the beat


Jay-Z Beyonce Perform Forever Young At Yankee Stadium 9/13/10

On their home and home tour, Jay-Z and Beyonce performs Forever Young In New York City.