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Jean-Claude Van Damme Recreates His Dance Scene From ‘Kickboxer’ On Conan

Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is famous around the world for his awesome action movies. Not so much for his dancing


Jean-Claude Van Damme Hated The Original Predator Monster

Hollywood special effects master Steve Johnson, famous for working on films such as Ghostbusters, Blade 2, and more, retells a humorous


Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Splits In Zero Gravity Space

Remember the hyper viral video by Volvo featuring action actor Jean Claude Van Damme performing the splits on the mirrors of


Channing Tatum Spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Splits Commercial

Last week, Volvo and Jean Claude Van Damme exploded online with their impressive collaborative commercial featuring the action star performing


Jean-Claude Van Damme Performs Complete Split Between Two Moving Volvo Trucks

Volvo continues to debut viral commercials. Their latest may be one of their most dramatic, and features action superstar Jean-Claude Van