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Lazy Jedi

The Jedi are a mystical group focused on truth, justice, and discipline. But 'Master Dave just doesn't feel motivated today.…

Jedi Squirrels

The Internet has brought us many light saber wielding animals, including a Jedi black bear. But now it's time we go smaller. Bryanharley has…

Jedi Kittens Duel With Lightsabers

Two of the hottest viral categories online are cats and Star Wars. So it's a wonder it took this long…

Little Girl Joins The Dark Side

In Disneyland, there is a very fun Star Wars section where lucky kids are chosen to participate in a little…

Jedi Kung Fu Bear Cuts Himself

The famous Kung Fu Bear, then turned Jedi Bear, should be more careful. One wrong swing and OH SH**!  



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