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Never Steal A Jeep’s Parking Spot!

Rule #1: Don't steal another ones parking spot! Rule #2: If you do so, assure yourself, you don't happen to


Stupid Driver Gets His Jeep Stuck In The Mud At The Beach

Yes, the Jeep is a great off road vehicle. But that doesn't make it impervious to nature. While at the


Hackers Take Control Of A Jeep On The Highway

We all love our brand new smarter cars that are often able to connect to our smart phones and even


Super Fan Drives Mini-Jurassic Park Jeep Power Wheels To Jurassic World Premiere

After months of intense hype, Jurassic World has finally premiered and is already set to be the summer's hottest film.


Jeep Driver Escapes From Tow Truck

The only thing worse than getting a parking ticket is having your car towed. Now you're stuck with the bill


Guy Getting Jeep Stuck In Pond Is Either The Best Or Worst Jeep Commercial Ever

Videographer Casey Neistat admits it was a terrible decision.  "I honestly have no idea what I was thinking," he says in hindsight. 


Elephant Attacks Safari Jeep

Is this a scene from a safari or perhaps Jurassic Park? In this incredible nature video just published by JukinVideo, an elephant from


Giraffe Chases Jeep A La Jurassic Park

One of the most iconic scenes from the popular dino-movie Jurassic Park is when the heroes speed away in their Jeep from a


Crazy Canadian Drives Jeep Into Above Ground Pool

Canadian Kenny Mclean and his buddies were enjoying a backyard get together over the weekend when somebody had the ingenious idea to


Jeep Grand Cherokee Moose Test FAIL

The Jeep Grand Cherokee already gets horrible mileage and has bad handling, but Swedish auto group Teknikens Varld has just proved how dangerous the


Army Men Take Apart And Rebuild Jeep In Under Four Minutes

Now that's impressive. These men of the armed forces drive up, begin stripping this jeep. It takes just a couple