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Jenna Marbles Lets Boyfriend Do Her Voiceover

Not really her original idea but Jenna Marbles version of her boyfriend doing her voiceover whilst doing her makeup is…

How Girls Take A Shower

NSFW language, content Popular vlogger  Jenna Marbles has finally returned to the original style of sketch comedy that made her so…

Jenna Marbles Draws Her Life

A new trend on YouTube has emerged where Internet celebrities draw their life in a serious context for their fans…

What Movies Teach About Love

NSFW - LANGUAGE! We all know that Hollywood paints the most fictitious love stories imaginable, yet we can't seem to let…

Things Boys Don’t Understand 2

NSFW Warning - Adult content, language, Jenna Marbles is inappropriate. After her first very successful 'Things Boys Don't Understand' viral video, ultra popular vlogger…

How Girls Watch TV

NSFW - content Popular YouTube blogger Jenna Marbles returns to the web with her latest girl's point of view video. Everyone has…

What Girls Think While Driving

Jenna Marbles once again gives us a secret glimpse into the mind of women while they drive. Girls are stereotypically bad drivers. Maybe…



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