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Seniors React To Jersey Shore

Thankfully, the Jersey Shore's fifteen minutes are finally up. And those were some long minutes, too. Now that the media circus


Nerd Proves Jersey Shore Is Fake

Everyone with half a brain already knows that reality TV is fake, they just watch it for fun. But it's


Anderson Cooper Gets Spray Tan With Snooki

Anderson Cooper has always had a strange obsession with MTV's Jersey Shore, especially with Snooki. Finally, on his new show,


Britney Spears Gives DJ Pauly D A Lap Dance At Concert

When did Britney Spears' concerts go from hot girls dancing around and Britney singing, to a full blow burlesque show that is


Broadway Actors Spoof Jersey Shore

What has the world come to when famous, real actors start spoofing garbage like The Jersey Shore? Characters of Broadway's


Andy Milonakis In Snooki Jewelry Commercial

This whole video makes me cringe, I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I hate Andy Milonakis and I'm thrilled


Jersey Shore Silent Movie

I love the song. It's No Speak Americano. The show Jersey Shore is summed up into 45 seconds. Fist pump,


Snooki On South Park

Our friends at South Park rip the vain, stupid Jersey Shore show, and really tear Snooki to pieces. Thank you


Vinny Imitates, Makes Fun Of DJ Pauly D From Jersey Shore

Vinny dresses as DJ Pauly D for Halloween, and imitates him perfectly. GTL.


DJ Pauly D Wearing DJ Pauly D Halloween Costume

Wow, my brain is melting. DJ Pauly D wearing a DJ Pauly D Halloween costume. Pretty crazy. I can't imagine the parents


Jersey Shore Boys Dancing No Speak Americano By Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup

I wasn't going to post this, but people seem to love the Jersey Shore people, so here it is. Just


Old Spice Man, Isaiah Mustafa, Gives Snooki Booster Seat

Isaiah Mustafa is a gentleman. As Isaiah Mustafa interviewed Jersey Shore's Snooki, he offered her a booster seat in case someone tall