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Genius Way to Load a Jet Ski

Genius Way to Load a Jet Ski

[rumble][/rumble] My buddy got a new jet ski but no trailer. He wasn't going to let that stop him. More

T-Rex Steals Jet Ski And Does Insane Tricks

Professional jet skier Mark Gomez hits the lake in a crazy dinosaur costume. Doesn't keep him from doing some even…

High Speed Jet Skiing Through Canyon

Christian Yellott takes his jet skiing very seriously. Instead of simply speeding around a lake, Christian decided to speed through a narrow…

Speedboat Puts Out Boat Fire With Huge Waves

This outrageous scene, which was filmed at Lake Lyndon in New Zealand, was posted by Haywiredigital over the weekend, and already it has…

Man In Suit Performs Aquatic Stunt Walking On Keel Of Boat

In this viral video, adrenaline junkie Alex Thomson attempts The Keel Walk. Wearing a suit, the daring man is taken by jet ski…

Old Spice Bounce Commercial

Old Spice and Bounce teamed up to create a hybrid commercial of epic proportions. The commercial starts off as a…


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