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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Human Jetpack Pilots Join Fighter Jet Formation

Eric Magnan from Airborne Films got over 800.000 views for this video, showing us two daredevils flying amongst a formation

Is This The First Real JetPack?

Okay, okay... There have been "JetPacks" before, but let's face it: None of these were really the "movie/videogame cool" we


Man Flies With ‘True’ Jetpack

For millennia, Man has dreamed of flying. But ever since the industrial revolution we have dreamed of flying with a jetpack.


Jetman Flies Next To Airbus Jumbo Jet

Just when you thought 2015 was a technological let down compared to the 2015 imagined by Back To The Future, XDubai has