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Jim Carrey States His Love For Emma Stone

Jim Carrey is 49 years old (I know, scary!), but that's not stopping him from chasing true love. He made


Jim Carrey Surrounded By Fans At Christ The Redeemer Statue In Brazil

This video, which is surging in Brazil and Spain, shows that celebrities are never alone in this big world. While


Scenes Of Actors Before They Were Famous Compilation

It's always funny to see actors in their early years. They seem so cute, and even dorky. Check out this


Jim Carrey Predicts Future In 1996 Movie The Cable Guy

The mediocre 1996 film, The Cable Guy, stars Jim Carrey as a disturbed cable guy trying to make friends. In


SNL Jim Carrey Black Swan Spoof

Jim Carrey is so good at playing the professional idiot. Guest starring on SNL, Jim Carrey plays the Black Swan.


Princess Leia VS Ace Ventura

Some editor cut Ace Ventura into Return of the Jedi. Princess Leia and her Ewok friend hear a noise. They