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‘The Night Before Christmas’ Read In 27 Celebrity Impressions

The most impressive thing about this video showing master impressionist Jim Meskimen singing the classic christmas song "The Night Before…

Impressionist Explains How To Perform Celebrity Impressions Using His Impressions

Impressionist Jim Meskimen finally reveals the big secret to performing good impressions. It's all about your state of mind. You have to…

Impressionist Reads Haikus As Morgan Freeman

At a recent gig, impressionist Jim Meskimen did his best Morgan Freeman voice for the audience. That's great and all, but plenty…

Twas The Night Before Christmas In Celebrity Voices

Celebrity impressionist Jim Meskimen got in the holiday spirit by performing a very special version of Twas The Night Before Christmas. Every…

Celebrity Impressions Alphabet

Famous actor and impressionist, Jim Meskimen, shows off his impersonation skills by going through the entire Alphabet of impressions. He…



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