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Random People Will Agree To Anything

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to come up with something silly to prove that people will agree to anything when


Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg

You know you've already wanted this. Watch magnificent Planet Earth footage with a Snoop Dogg voice over. Crazy! [embed][/embed]


Jason Momoa Throws Axes With Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo

Jason Momoa drank a Guiness beer befor throwing some axes at Jimmy Kimmel Live. This video is trending right now


Asking People How Trump’s First Day In Office Was – Before It Happened

Especially in politics and nowerdays we have to handle lies, fake news and "alternative facts". So this issue of "Lie


Jimmy Kimmel Picks The Best Viral Video Of 2016

On a recent issue of Jimmy Kimmel Live we got to see the election of the best viral clip of


Jennifer Lawrence Revenge-Sprays A Huge Bus Display Of Chris Pratt

Yesterday I showed you the funny insult battle between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Besides BBC Radio the two actors


Children Speak Out About Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel got his team on the street to ask the future about the new US president Donald Trump. What

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016

For the sixth time late night show host Jimmy Kimmel challenged his viewers to lie to their kids to have

Homer Simpson Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Tour of Springfield

Sunday the 600th episode of "The Simpsons" is going to air. As a little promo clip, late night show host


Britney Spears Pranks Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel In Middle Of Night

Jimmy Kimmel's job is to make jokes and prank people. Instead, his staff and his wife pulled an epic prank on


Famous YouTubers Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel has basically featured everyone he could think of on his popular Mean Tweets segment. Finally, no doubt thanks to a


Mean Tweets NBA Are Back In Part 4

Back in the day, if you hated a basketball star you could only let the people in your life know