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President Obama And Vice Pres Joe Biden Unnecessarily Censored

Vice President Joe Biden is famous for accidentally dropping more than a few expletives on a hot mic. But most…

Vice Presidential Debate Auto Tune Remix

The Gregory Brothers naturally went viral with their auto-tune remix of the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.…

Bad Lip Reading Joe Biden

Popular political parody channel BadLipReading has returned with their latest victim. Vice President Joe Biden. The VP is already so prone to gaffes,…

Joe Biden Mistakenly Thanks Dr. Pepper

Vice President Joe Biden has made headlines again after accidently thanking 'Dr. Pepper' instead of Dr. Paper at a recent PR event. …

Joe Biden In 2007: If Obama Went To War Without Congress Approval, I Would Move To Impeach

Both sides of the political spectrum were upset before America intervened in Libya. Some on both sides wanted America to…



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