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John Oliver On Credit Reports

Today, your credit score follows you everywhere. This is no escape in our modern world. And that means a bad


John Oliver On Congressional Fundraising

We all know that modern politics has been corrupted by big money, but most of us don't realize just how


John Oliver Makes His Own Conspiracy Up

If you've ever found yourself in the deeper parts of YouTube, you know how easy it is to find crazy conspiracy videos.


John Oliver On The Border Wall

For years, immigration, especially illegal immigration coming from the southern border of the US, has been a hot political topic.


John Oliver On Encryption

Even those who don't follow tech news that much has heard how the FBI is trying to force Apple to


John Oliver On Special Districts

Most of America thinks that the government, from local to the federal level, spend and waste too much money. But


John Oliver Discusses Donald Trump

Months ago, it seemed like an impossibility that real estate mogul Donald Trump could ever be the president of the


John Oliver Discusses Abortion

Decades after the Supreme Courst case Roe VS Wade which basically legalized abortions, Americas are still debating the ethical and legal nuances


John Oliver On Voting In America

It's finally here. The presidential election season is about to kick into fifth gear as both the Democrats and Republicans


John Oliver On New Year’s Resolutions

Happy new year! What resolutions did you make for 2016? Even though nearly all of us fail on our new year's


John Oliver On Regifting

It was Jerry Seinfeld who first made the concept of 'regifting' popular. You know, the concept of taking a gift that you didn't


John Oliver Explains Why Pennies Are Useless

As it's been said before, the penny is just the worst. Everyone hates dealing with the little copper coins. Most