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John Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports

If you've watched any TV or more specifically any sports over the past year, you've no doubt seen ads for


John Oliver Discusses The 2015 Canadian Election

America is obsessed with politics. Well, that's not entirely true. Here in the US we are obsessed with our politics. Even


John Oliver On North Dakota

It wasn't that long ago that the state of North Dakota was an afterthought in the American economy. That all


John Oliver On Mental Health In America

For decades now, people have been talking about the lack of help for the mentally ill in America. Most of the


John Oliver Discusses The European Migrant and Refugee Crisis

Even if you don't regularly follow the news, odds are you've heard about the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe


John Oliver Explains How Many Problems There Are With Public Defenders

After watching countless action movies and drama television shows, nearly every American knows after someone is arrested the cops tell them that


John Oliver On Going Back To School

Sadly, school is official back in session. To prepare kids for the new school year, John Oliver goes through each


John Oliver Destroys Televangelists

Since the 1980's, religious television shows have flourished into a thriving entertainment industry often referred to as televangelism. Sadly, most televangelists seem


John Oliver Takes On Abstinence-Only Education

Now that school is just around the corner, millions of kids will soon be learning about that awkward topic parents


John Oliver Explains Why Washington DC Should Be A State

Most people don't give Washington D.C. a second thought. Many don't even know what the D.C. stands for. It means


John Oliver Discusses Mandatory Minimums

Years ago, corrupt politicians made it law that some crimes have required minimum punishments. That means even if the circumstances


John Oliver Discusses Food Waste

As Americans, we are blessed with an abundance of food. We arguably have the access to more food now than at