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Bad Joke Battle: Jose Mourinho vs John Bishop

This little joke battle between Manchester United football coach Jose Mourinho and comedian John Bishop is way too short. via:


Bryan Cranston Drops Yo Mama Joke On Teen From Albuquerque At Comic Con

On day one of Nerd hq 2015 during Comic-Con, fans had the opportunity to ask celebrities questions. One teen from Albuquerque, New


Guy Annoys His Coworker With Cheesy Jokes

Most people play Minesweeper , Angry Birds, or Candy Crush when they're bored at work. But this Aussie has a different hobby


Dad’s Frozen Doll Gag Gift Is The Worst

Fathers around the world are known for their cheesy jokes. But the Internet is not happy with one dad's gag


YouTube Announces Upcoming 2014 Viral Video Trends April Fools

You know all those popular YouTube memes and jokes everyone loves to spread and share? YouTube Spotlight has finally admitted they are


Dad Tells Classic Dad Joke

Like most fathers, Zack Tidwell's dad loves telling long, drawn-out jokes with corny punchlines. Zack decided to record his dad's


54 Jokes In Four Minutes

Online personality Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers returns to close the week with some humor.  He successfully attempted to tell 54 Jokes


Two Tortilla Chips Joke Animated Short Film

One night Adam Patch and his wife enjoyed a bottle of wine. After a merry while, his wife announced she wanted