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Commercial Actors Mingle Commercial

Comedian and YouTube personality Jon Lajoie has been in his fair share of commercials. But what most viewers are unaware of


Please Use This Song In Your Commercial Music Video

Musician and comedian Jon Lajoie begs any company or corporation to use this new song for a commercial. He doesn't care


Merry Christmas Exclamation Point Music Video

Christmas is for friends and family. But what about all those office coworkers and acquaintances we see on a daily


Jon Lajoie’s Kickstarter

Like most popular sites, KickStarter has suddenly erupted from the sidelines. Now, it seems every Tom, Dick, and even celebrity


The Best Christmas Song

Jon Lajoie is a famous goofy YouTuber best known for his ridiculous original music. And for this Christmas season, he has


Jon Lajoie On Marriage Equality

Popular Internet personality Jon Lajoie broke into the mainstream acting in the fantasy football sitcom The League. But he's still making online


Online Dating Service Commercial Parody

Ever since the Internet went mainstream, commercials for websites have crept onto the television. One of the most common Internet


Jon Lajoie – Tennis Ball Song

Famous YouTuber musician/comedian Jon Lajoie strikes again in his latest digital short. What seems to be just an annoying jingle evolves with strange twists


F*** Everything Rap Song

NSFW - Language Rap stars are notorious for being apathetic and negative. They often say, 'F*** this,' or, 'F*** that.' Jonlajoie stars


Jon Lajoie – You Are Not Alone

Jon tells us a serious, drama filled story that seems to last forever. What's going to happen Jon? Just get