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Jon Stewart’s Twitter Fight with Donald Trump

At the "Stand Up For Heroes" evening former Daily Show host Jon Steward made an entertaining stand up regarding his


Jon Stewart Takes Over The Late Show

After disappearing into obscurity after stepping down from The Daily Show, Internet favorite John Stewart made a special apperance on


Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle Which Is The Biggest Star Wars Fan

Back in May, director J.J. Abrams went viral when he asked Star Wars fans to support UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs at OMaze. One


Comedian Ivan Saric Posts ‘Hire Me Jon Stewart’ Application Video

With such powerful social media in the hands of the individual, entertainers can finally bypass the agents, bureaucracy, and politics


Rick Sanchez Fired, Calls Jon Stewart Bigot, Hints CNN Run By Jews

Rick was made fun of on the Daily Show, so he calls Jon Stewart a bigot and hints that CNN


Obama Endorses Rally To Restore Honor

At least he gets pretty close to endorsing Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Honor. "I was amused -- Jon Stewart,


Jon Stewart Post 9/11/2001 Speech

Like Jon Stewart admits, every show after 9/11 gave a speech before starting. Here is Jon Stewart's speech the day