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Little Dog Gets Really Excited About His New Big Stuffed Toy

Cute little clip uploaded by Viralhog. "Going shopping for a toy with Lucy is something we do quite often. We


Man Brings In Rolex From The 60s For Appraisal

Oh his face of pure joy at the end - pure gold! Antiques Roadshow PBS uploaded this video in April


River Otter Sliding Down Snow

Seems like he does enjoy the snow! Barrett Hedges uploaded this joyful clip a week ago, resulting in over 140,000


Brazilian Wins 3.5 Million Dollars In Roulette

Even though I would have granted this poor people more and the camera work is not existent, this is pure


These Kids Learn Maths With Rap

That is kind of catchy! Nadine Ebri did upload this enjoyable school rap as her first video on YouTube, instantly


Employees Buy WiiU For Kid Who Comes In Every Day To Play

Rahiem Storr uploaded this video of the Valley Stream Best Buy, where a kid came in every day to play

Heckling Fan Got To Play With The Golf Pros

Okay, this should be one of his greatest moments ever. And sometimes rude heckling seems to work out! "When this


Dad is Ecstatic About his new Light-Up Sneakers

Just like a little child - awesome! via: koreus