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Birds Eye View Of Fireworks

Fireworks are enjoyed around the world in the summertime, but it is nearly always viewed from the ground.  Jeremiah Warren changed


Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and that means there is going to be a tidal wave


Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dog

Just in time for the Fourth of July, CHOW brings us a Chow Tip how and why we should cut out


Fireworks Explosion Surprise

A serious danger of fireworks is if there's a malfunction in the launch. Take this mishap for example. A guy


Fireworks Fail Compilation

July 4th was only ten days ago, and the last few fireworks are now silent. The explosions are finally over.


Bootleg Fireworks Explode In Street

Every July 4th, emergency rooms are packed with people and kids with blown off ears, missing fingers, and damaged eyes.


Huge Fireworks Finale

The worst part of a fireworks show is that, inevitably, the show must come to an end. But the finale


Flash Mob Band Plays Stars And Stripes In Grocery Store Before July 4th

After the Fourth of July, all the good viral holiday videos start rolling in. This one is of a patriotic


Stop Motion Fireworks

When you're an American living in Canada, you may enjoy free healthcare, but you don't get fireworks on the Fourth


Man Shoots Fireworks Off His Head

Every year on July 5 the papers print stories of  fireworks accidents and fires. People just don't respect fireworks, which


Balls Exploding Into Fireworks

Basketballs, golf balls, tennis balls, and more are rigged into homemade fireworks. Just light them up, and, for God's sake,


American Fourth Of July Nyan Cat

The Nyan Cat we've all grown to love (or really hate) has got a make over just in time for