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This Happens When You Put A Brick In A Washing Machine On A Trampoline

Jump, jump - don't this hit make my machines wanna JUMP, JUMP! StreetArtGlobe recently posted this video of the ultimate


World Highest Bungee Jump Cookie Dunk

A cookie, a UK cup of tea and a lot of adrenaline. Simon Berry got his record for the highest


Cats Jump At Same Time, Land On Top Of Each Other

If sycnhronized cat jumping ever becomes an Olympic sport - these two will be a great favorite for gold! They


Crazy Jump From 129 ft High Roof Into Harbour Water

I not only recommend you not to do something like that yourselves, even watching this crazy stunt performed by "ig:

BASE Jump into Clouds

This "Leap of Faith" by a base jumper looks absolutely crazy. From the Sulafa Tower in the clouds of Dubai.


Crazy dude jumps from hotel roof into pool

With this ass-crazy stunt YouTuber "ig: 8Booth" got over 600.000 views. His "Laguna Pool Drop 2" looks cool, but you


Kid Belly Flops Onto Bride’s Dress

Kids can go two ways at a wedding. They can be adorable and really add something special to the occasion, or they


Daring Cadet Jumps Of Fourth Floor Into Pile Of Mattresses

This older video from 2010 has only gone viral now with over 200,000 new views! The clip showcases a daring


Little Girl Adorably Fails Jumping Into Inflatable Pool

Swimming season is over, but that doesn't make this precious clip by America's Funniest Home Videos any less adorable. This little girl


Daredevil Jumps Off 59 Meter Cliff

There are few things more intimidating than jumping off of the high dive at the swimming pool for the first


Man Hilariously Fails At Jumping Into Pool

It doesn't matter how big or small your swimming pool is, nothing says summer in America quite like jumping into the


Daredevil Completes First Ever Triple Backflip On Motorcycle

Evel Knievel is probably the most famous daredevil ever. Now, there is a new name that will forever go down