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Teen Skateboarder Performs Backflip Jump From One Board To Another

Egill Gunnar is only a teenager, but he's already made a name for himself online. Over the weekend he uploaded this


Cliff Diving Monkeys

Have you ever seen cliff diving monkeys? TransumOrg has. While in Thailand, the camera-person was able to record monkeys jumping into the sea


Trampoline Cliff Jumping

Graham Merwin and his buddies set up a giant trampoline at Clear Creek in Winslow, Arizona. After partying, jumping, and swimming for


‘I Don’t Even Know’ Guy Flying On Broom Stop Motion

Now that Twitter's <7 seconds video service Vine has become more mainstream, micro-videos have become ubiquitous on YouTube as well.


Kenya High Jump At High School

Michael Stewart was in Rift Valley of Kenya in the town of Mosoriot last February. The town was holding a high school track


FBI Agent Jumps Open Fence

Boston has been a source for too much negative news over the past week. But over the weekend, viewers found


World’s Best Jump Roper Shows Off Her Impressive Skills

Adrienn Banhegyi is arguably one of the greatest jump rope artists in the world. After all, she does hold two world


POV Flying Through The Air Dirt Bike Crash

Daniel Caviezel's buddy recorded this intense point-of-view crash video while dirt biking, and now the video stands with over 140,000 views.


Cliff Jumping In Hawaii

It's finally Spring! Though it may not feel like Spring across most of America, popular online videographer Devin Supertramp is getting


Prankster Jumps Over Cop, Gets Arrested

YouTube prankster Ross Creations has made a name for himself online for taking his pranks one step further than the rest.


Teen Jumps In ‘Puddle,’ Ends Up Underwater

AkonTpain17 was with his friends at the Family Dollar store when they encountered a puddle in the parking lot. Being teenagers


I Knew You Were Trouble Spliced With Screams Of Pain From Jump From Roof Fail

Last Halloween, Fhatsam published this painful spoof of the then recent Red Bull jump from space. Now, he is again trending after