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Conan O’Brien And Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

Late night host Conan O'Brien is not a gamer. That's what makes his hilarious video games review series so much…

1940’s Jazz Tap Dance Cover Of ‘Just Dance’

Prominent cover band ScottBradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox travel back to 2008 for their latest serving of unique music.  They twist Lady…

Dad And Daughters Make Lady Gaga Just Dance Music Video

Mom and dad are divorced, so dad only sees his two daughters the minority of the week. That can be…

97 Year Old Grandmother Dancing With Just Dance 2

The new motion controlled games are great for the elderly to get up and move around. This old lady is…

Dad Dancing On Just Dance

Dads dancing is just viral video gold. One son records his dad embarrassingly dancing to Britney Spears Toxic on Just…

Flight Attendants Dance To Lady Gaga Just Dance During Pre Flight Instructions On Cebu Pacific Flight

As more and more Airlines realize people don't pay attention to the flight attendant demos showing people how to buckle…



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