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Kansas City Police Officers Perform Electric Slide At Flash Mob

The police are on extra alert whenever a holiday like St. Patrick's day roles around to make sure the festivities


The Verrückt Is The World’s Tallest Waterslide

There maybe snow falling and a cold chill running down the spine of the nation, but many have their eyes


Eric Winston Rebukes Fans Who Cheered When QB Was Injured

The Kansas City Chiefs are having a troubling start this season, and their fans are naturally not happy with the


5th Graders Sing One Day By Matisyahu

 says,"As a 4th grade teacher in the inner-city, I'm used to noise. But today, I heard singing next door and


Soldier Surprise Proposal At Royals Game

On Memorial Day, Eddie, who's been away at war, knew his girlfriend was going to be at the Kansas City


Chimp Monkey Loose In Kansas City Breaks Police Car Window

A loose chimpanzee in Kansas City, Missouri, ran around the street and dragged some trash cans. He ran up to