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Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Hot Pockets Music Video

Back in 2012, Hot Pockets teamed up with rap sensation Snoop Dogg to make a Hot Pockets-themed cover of the hip hop track Park…

Kate Upton Plays Flip Cup With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon loves to play games with his guests on his Late Night program. One of the most popular games he…

High School Senior Asks Kate Upton Out To Prom

Asking out big time celebrities has become somewhat of a thing online. Hopeful singles have gone viral asking out NBA…

Kate Upton Interview With Guyism

If you haven't been to yet, then you need to check it out. It's like one, big frat party…

Kate Upton Dances Dougie At Clippers Game

Kate Upton is a famous Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model. Now she's a famous dancer. At a Clippers game, Kate…



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