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Katie Couric Pranks James Corden

Usually, it's the late night host who is the one doing the pranking. Instead, famous news anchor Katie Couric pulled…

Bryant Gumbel And Katie Couric Spoof Themselves In BMW i3 Commercial

Back in 1994, most people had no idea what the Internet was. Even news journalists Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric…

Katie Couric Sillies Fake News Story

To market to the¬†younger, more Internet savvy generation, Katie Couric does a faux report on the Sillies. Like an Onion…

Bryant Gumbel And Katie Couric Don’t Know What The Internet Is – Today Show 1994

It's amazing how times have changed so dramatically in seventeen years. On one Today Show episode in 1994, Bryant Gumbel…

Katie Couric Making Fun Of Sarah Palin

Some one secretly recorded Katie Couric making fun of Sarah Palin's kids names, and Sarah Palin in general. As she's…



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