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Diver Finds Sea Lion Pup On His Kayak After He Emerges From Water

Professional diver Rick Coleman was night diving when he found an adorable surprise waiting for him on his kayak when he…

Sea Lion Gets Up Close And Personal With Kayakers

While kayaking off the coast of Sonoma in Northern California, MrNeska and his friends had a close encounter with a hungry sea lion.…

Skydiving In A Kayak

Is skydiving to mainstream for you? Well, now you can go 'skyaking,' as in skydiving while sitting in a kayak.…

Surfer Almost Eaten By Whales

A woman hanging out on a surfboard and chatting with some kayakers almost became breakfast for two huge killer whales…

Kayaker Records Blue Whales On First Person View Camera

It's not everyday you go kayaking and just so happen to have a giant Blue whale casually swim by you.…



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