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Problem By Ariana Grande Parody

It seems the pop world has found their song to replay over and over this summer, being Problem by Ariana Grande. Thankfully, The


Can’t Remember To Forget Spoof

Shakira and Rihana's latest hit Can't Remember To Forget has over 190 million hits!  That makes it a perfect specimen for parody


Lorde Royals Parody By Key Of Awesome

Now that Royals by Lorde has officially taken the web by storm it's time for the parodies. It's no surprise the


One Man Pop Song Cover Parody

Covering a pop song alone by using fancy editing techniques is one of the most popular forms of covering music


Star Trek Vulcan Slow Jam

Nerds know all too well that since Spock is half Vulcan, he isn't really the playboy type. But that didn't


One Direction Kiss You Key Of Awesome Parody

 of Barely Political is the comedy group famous for their hilarious pop music video parodies. For their latest spoof, they took


Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together Psycho Girlfriend Parody

Barely Political's popular series The Key Of Awesome is one of the YouTube's best and most popular pop music spoofers. The